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I am Alexandra Parmon. I am engaged in painting, mural painting, drawing, bodypainting, photography. I see painting as a sacred art, able to transform and beautify. I love this work and  have responsible attitude to it. I try to bring the light and put my heart into what I do.

Ready to implement various creative ideas and participate in projects.






Graduated from Minsk State Art College named after Glebov on the specialty "Design". Finished courses of the Belarusian Union of Designers on artistic photography. Studied at the Institute of Design and arts and crafts in Saint - Petersburg. One of the 10 top in 4TH VISTULA INTERNATIONAL ART & DESIGN COMPETITION and studied in Warsaw.




2010 The 2nd  place at the international competition "Art - Week" in the nomination "Urban photo".

2012 Personal photo exhibition "The city where I am. City, where am I?"

2014 The 1st  place in the competition of painting and the 1st  place in the competition in the international photography festival of urban art "In the picture".

2015  The finalist of the international competition for the painting of the European fund "Three bridges".

2015  International Competition "Art Week". The 1st  place in the category of Photography "People", the  1st place in the category "Landscape in the avant-garde style", the 1st  place in the category of decorative and applied arts "Painting".

2015 Participation in the Republican youth exhibition.

2015 - 2016  Participation in the international project "Angel of Peace". Exhibitions in Russia, Serbia, France.

2016 - 2017 An international project ВОЗНЕСЕЊЕ ОТАЏБИНЕ (Serbia). Exhibitions in 20 countries - participants.

2016 One of the 10 top in 4TH VISTULA INTERNATIONAL ART & DESIGN COMPETITION. The exhibition in Warsaw.

2016 Training in Warsaw.

2016  The second place in the competition among body art artists in frames of BELARUS TATTOO FEST.

2016 The participation in the paintings exhibition of Belarussian artists in Riga.

2016 The participation in “Autumn salon" sponsored by Belgasprombank.

2016 The International competition “Art-week”. The first place in nomination of graphic “Portrait in vanguard style".

2016 The participation in the Republican youth exhibition.

2017 The first place in the regional creative competition of "Your bright city".

2017 A laureate of the stage of the city competition “Pedagogues start”.

2017 The participation in the joint Belarusian artists’ exhibition in Cagliari, Italy.

2017 The first place among pedagogues in nomination “classical painting” in Belarusian Cup on artistic creativity in II International festival-competition in children and youth creativity.

2018 International competition “Art-week". The first place in nomination "Vanguard painting".

2018 Participation in the summer residence OK16. Minsk city.

2019 Participation in the Belarusian republican youth exhibition.

2019 Personal exhibition at the National Center for Contemporary Art. Minsk city.

2019 Joining the Eurasian Union of Artists.